10 Advantages iPad Air vs. Galaxy Note 10.1

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I go over 10 advantages the iPad Air has over the Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) and 10 advantages the Galaxy Note 10.1 has over the iPad Air, giving you a pretty g…

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    10 Advantages iPad Air vs. Galaxy Note 10.1! In this new video, I go over
    10 advantages each of these tablets has over the other! #apple #samsung
    #ipadair #galaxynote1012014edition

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  • Mac Abra

    I love Android but iPad is still a boss of tablets. 

  • Dave Morgan

    The only advantage the iPad has over the Note 10.1 is, uh, well, dang, I
    can’t think of one. 

  • WiN iOS

    oh my laggy galaxy
    if you do a video or not the iPad is way far from any other tablet 

  • Júnior Freitas

    Galaxy owns !!

  • Jun Hyeon Mun

    You don’t get it. Who actually uses S Pen? It’s just a desperate attempt to

  • Χριστινα Μποζου

    i have an iPad mini

  • Mousa Kandah

    The note 10.1 sucks ….. Ipad for the win 

  • Joel Ebanks

    Good video. You just get so much more for your money with a Galaxy Device.
    can’t wait until more ppl start to realize that. Spen. multiple windows and
    functions at any time. camera flash, higher res screen. removable storage.
    accessory compatibility…Jesus ppl, open your eyes. stop buying a logo!!!

  • surya rao chowdary koduri

    +Science2Student make a video with 20 advantages. 

  • JayP Saravia

    Note 10.1 2014 is my choice.
    A tablet that big needs to do more and Samsung delivers just that.
    For all the ipad lovers out there that may complain about the higher price
    of the Note… I guaranty if Apple had an option to add a built in stylus
    on the ipad for $50 more everyone of you would be in line for days. Just

  • James Plowman

    of course navigating through the ipads UI is smoother than the note 10.1
    lol the note 10.1 has a lot more to navigate through. It isnt only
    navigating through simple apps and folders. It also has to deal with the
    widgets and the multitasking. Android requires more power than ios because
    there is more to it. Both are awesome tablets. The note 10.1 is awesome for
    drawing though.

  • Adam Hooles

    I’ve used both and I have the air and I prefer the air

  • Emmanuel Ike

    any one that is dissatisfied with their note 10.1 want to trade for my

  • sicdedworm09

    Great comparison as always! Keep up the great work man

  • Arjun x

    Ipad is best :) 

  • Brave Excailbur

    remember what happens when you plug an apple product into a mac…..

  • Seth Gabrielle Dela Cruz

    Ha! My galaxy tab 7.0 plus can multitask just like the 10.1 although I cant
    minimize it

  • Philips How To

    I choose apple because of the it is programmed. Apple is written in C which
    is 4x faster than java which android is written in. This is why android
    devices have 3x as much hardware and yet it still lags. They are both
    amazing products but android is just made wrong. iPad wins. 

  • alessio mancuso

    ipads horrible

  • Santeri Kivelä

    Were the phones go than theys crash

  • sven meinders

    Apple the best

  • Andy C

    Great stuff man, both are good but note is much more versatile and gives
    much much more options. Also I pad is just same old workings, good workings
    though. I had to switch from ipad to note and can’t go back to ipad. One
    day soon people gonna realize iphone/ipad has fallen behind too much

  • Akallz

    Android is good cuz u have more customisation but their os sucks an is
    laggy i mean clearing the ram is such a headache while apples os u don’t
    have to do that u just end the programs android basically has to perform 2
    tasks ending programs an clearing ram ram is optional but still builds up
    overtime causing the tablet to slow down, the specs the note 10.1 are
    better then ipad airs but its still slower thus shows that apples devices
    are better optimized to the os an doesnt require insane specs, i have both
    apple an samsung devices but apples is still smoother faster an better.

  • medbluelife

    Samsung is sucks like google+

  • Aaron’s Tube

    Are you Iranian?

  • ktechpro

    And they said apple is expensive